[BTC] : why we will accept Bitcoins as a payment method

If you reached this page, then you’re most likely to know the trendy Bitcoin technology. For those who’ve never heard of it, it’s a decentralized currency, relying on no typical banking system that implements mathematics mechanisms and a network of peers using the system. If you’d like to read more about Bitcoins, you might find […]

Why preliminary study of a project matters ?

A development project, just like all other types of projects, can not arise from nowhere. A piece of software, a website, a mobile app, an extranet or any other sort of IT dev is meant to deal with a need. A client rises the will to change their work method or to improve the way […]

Live Report : VR for a client, Virtual Reality and its purposes

Doctor Cyril Rous,  doctor of psychology, and practitioner of about 10 years had decided to modernize his place of work and took a surprising step endowing it with a VR system (Virtual Reality) system en psychologie. He hence called us to take care of the setup. Report. Goals of VR A decade after the revolutions brought by […]

What mobiles apps can do for your business

Mobile apps

When referring to mobile apps, you might immediately think of one of these (because of ads maybe) : If it’s a true thing that games ransomed the mobile market places during the past years, you should not forget that smartphones are beyond simple game consoles, they embed a GPS, 1 or 2 cameras, storage, screens with […]

Rollandev’s new blog

Hello World ! Not yet another quote to that famous programmer sentence. Rollandev has since today a blog, that aims at providing with news, original content, good practices and IT-related articles. What’s new about Rollandev, here’s a few recap prior to the blog creation : The website pays itself an SSL certificate (an SSL certificate ciphers […]